A sculptural lamp that sparks curiosity

The story

particle is a sculptural lamp that sparks curiosity and encourages discovery by challenging our visuospatial perception. Get lost in three-dimensions as the complexity of the particle cloud converges into a Möbius strip, the simplest non-orientable surface in euclidean space. The form, inspired by Robert Engman’s piece exhibited in Barker Engineering library, just under the great dome of MIT, has been laser cut into a series of ten crystal-clear tiles utilizing an innovative technique developed by our team. Sitting at the intersection of artistic and technical expression, particle embodies the interdisciplinary ethos we strive to create here at Integrated Design and Management Program at MIT.

50 units of Particle are hand-made by four MIT students at the MIT Hobby Shop, a fully-equipped wood and metal shop for over 80 years that teaches students the art of thoughtful design.

Read more about our process of creating particle here.

Thank you!

Thank you for purchasing all of our initial production run of Particle. For inquiries, comments, or support, please reach out to us.

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